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May 27, 2018
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Our genius volunteers rock and give for the animals

By: Mickey Zeldes
May 11, 2018
All About Pets

We recently hosted a volunteer recognition party for all the wonderful people who help us out on a regular basis. We try to personally thank our volunteers throughout the year, but it never hurts to get together and really salute their hard work and generous donation of time and talent. The shelter currently has over 180 volunteers on record – it’s a constantly fluctuating number with students coming and going and people taking a hiatus and then renewing their commitment. We do our best to keep track of everyone and give awards based on the number of hours worked.

We have several volunteers who have donated over 3,000 hours of service – can you believe it?  These are part of our long term solidly committed dedicated souls who anchor our volunteer program.  

The leader of this pack is Barbara Kohler with over 5,000 hours in. Barbara does a little bit of everything for us – works the front office assisting with adoptions, inputs our microchip data to the computer, helps out at all the spay events, coordinates ASL’s Silver Paws program and helps out with every special event or any time we need an extra hand.  

We want to recognize the following volunteers who have crossed a milestone during the past year:  

5,000+ hours: Barbara Kohler.

3,000+ hours: Karin Godolphin, Lorraine Leal, Carolyn Rieschick and Cathy Rogers.

2,000+ hours: Amy Isquith, Jessica Parker, Lara Shearer and Nora Varadi.

1,000+ hours: Judy Boyd, Lynn Dougan, Regina Ellis, Carol Kelly, Nathalie Rossi, Lou Ann Seaman, Pauline Tong and Alice Zanini.

500+ hours: John Bamberger, Chris Calderon, Nancy Gillett, Rosey Gomez, and Cathy Wade.

100+ hours: Rachel Daniel, Ashley Duncan, Grace Holaday, Jenny Lofgren, Sarah Loughran, Janet Lowery, Sarah Peregoy, Isela Redman, Laurel Scarioni, Sarah Townsend, Tamas Varadi, Linda Walstrom and Steve Watrous.

Junior Volunteer with 500+ of Service: Kacey Herrell.

Junior Volunteers with 100+ hours of Service: Lydia Hall, Katerina Mahdavi, Cameron Meech and Rafael Vazquez.  

Impressive group, wouldn’t you say?  These volunteers are from every category; dog walkers, cat cuddlers, vet assistants, kennel cleaners, office assistants, foster parents and bunny huggers.  As you can imagine, to accrue that many hours, some people help out in more than one area. It’s honest to say that the shelter couldn’t function at the level it does without the help of these wonderful people.

If you are looking for a way to give back to your community, don’t mind some hard work and love animals – look no further than your local animal shelter. We can always use a few more dedicated people willing to make a regular weekly commitment. We are especially in need of weekend office volunteers and kennel closers. You can contact our volunteer coordinator, Conner Cimmiyotti,, 584-2971, or come by to fill out an application if you are interested in helping out. Hope to see your name on our awards list next year!


Upcoming events

Meet the Bunny, May 12, 1-- 5 p.m., at the shelter. Meet adoptable rabbits and have your bunny care questions answered by our knowledgeable volunteers. Shop our bunny boutique for food, hay and toys and support our shelter small animal program. Bring your rabbit by for a free nail trim!


Kidz ‘n Critters Summer Camp - registration is now open for five weeks of fun for young animal lovers going into grades 2-7.  For a flyer stop by the shelter or go online to:


Mickey Zeldes is the supervisor at the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter. She can be contacted at