August 19, 2017
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One last time for the Kut-Ups

June 16, 2017

After 45 years the Kut-Ups will give their final performances in July. The group consists of the following dancers: Jo Ann Andrus, Barbara Colahan, Dolly Garrison, Michael Gerboth, Frandi Keeler, Jackie McCuan, Sandi Reed, Sharon Royea, Melissa Stoufer, Linda Troutfetter, Ariel Weymouth-Payne and Rachel Zierdt. The singers are Jim Fitzgerald, Sharon Griffith, Mike Heinzelman, Allan Saunders and Barbara Wetteland

Band: Larry Broderick (Director who has been with the group for 44 out of the 45 years), Lynn Barthel, Dave Graves, Louise Graves, Jim Laveroni, Gary Mathews, Randy Fry, Jud Wilson, Gary Young and Mark Lightner.

Robert Grant