July 25, 2017
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Myles Ahead trains teens to bring home the gold again

  • Athena Schrijver, 16, and Nathan Prokop, 17, on the podium at the 2017 National Youth Championships in Atlanta, Georgia after they both took gold. Photo courtesy of Myles Ahead

By: Christina Molcillo
July 7, 2017

Athena Schrijver, 16, and Nathan Prokop, 17, headed to the 2017 National Youth Championships in Atlanta, Georgia over the June 22 – 25 weekend, and they both returned with the gold. 

These two young athletes are Part of the Myles Ahead Weightlifting team in Rohnert Park, and both went to the competition with different expectations. For Schrijver, this is her fifth time at the competition and her fourth win. When asked how she felt about getting gold, she gave a smile and a shrug, “Well, it was expected. I’ve been doing this for so long, it was just…expected.”

For Prokop, this was his first-time winning gold, and the reaction was markedly different, “It was exciting, it felt kind of surprised me. All that hard work and then it paid off. It’s really, just, you know, it’s also having Freddie as a coach…he’s just the greatest!”

Prokop was referring to Freddie Myles, owner of Myles Ahead and the weightlifting team’s coach. “I’m really pleased for them, they’ve been putting the work in. Nathan’s really started to fill out, it’s his age and the training and it’s really made a difference.”

When asked what’s next for these gold medalists, Myles broke out in a wide grin, “It looks like they may make it to Columbia in October. [The Youth Pan-American championships in Cali Columbia]”

Myles Ahead is located in the Callinan Sports & Fitness Center at 5405 Snyder Ln. Rohnert Park. To learn more about the weight lifting programs offered, see the website at