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June 26, 2017
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Musicians and animal lovers team up to raise funds for local non-profit

By: Emily Fedorko
April 21, 2017
The Bird Rescue receives funds from musicians

Local musicians filled every corner of Loud and Clear Music Saturday,  April 8th for their “String Your Thing” Fundraiser benefiting The Bird Rescue Center.  The people brought in their guitars or drums for the experts to re-string or re-head the instrument for $10 which all went to the rescue center and at the end of the day $1,000 was raised.  Musicians were greeted by two resident birds and volunteers from the rescue center.  Participants were able to observe and learn about these big beautiful birds while their guitars and snare drums were getting revamped. 

Owner of Loud and Clear Music, Neville Hormuz, has hosted a fundraiser every month at his music store front for the past 6 years.  He works with an assortment of non-profits and school programs but has a strong connection with animals and the people who strive to protect them.  Hormuz appreciates the love and commitment of the center and it’s volunteers.  He fundraises for the center two to three times a year.  “We make the most money for those guys then any other non-profit” say Hormuz. 

Husband and wife volunteer raptor handler team, Christina and Gregor Nelson, explain the importance of the center and events like this one to the people at the event.   Everyone is enraptured by Poe the Raven’s iridescent black feathers and Jazz the great horned owl’s huge brown eyes and mighty talons.  The rescue center is a valuable resource that needs help from the community to keep doing what they do best, give care, education and a sense of wonder.


Musicians and bird lovers flocked to Loud and Clear Music for a Re-string and Re-head Fundraiser.   Owner, Neville Hormuz utilizes his business as a vehicle to bring people together and give back to the community.  He puts on a fundraiser for different non-profits every month.  This month all proceeds are going to the Bird Rescue Center. This valuable animal rehabilitation and community education resource is on the search for a new location.

Volunteer raptor handlers, Gregor Nelson and wife Christina Nelson educate at the Loud and Clear’s Re-string and Re-head Fundraiser with the help of two residents of The Bird Rescue Center, Jazz the Owl and Poe the Raven.