July 25, 2017
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Major player missing at Penngrove Museum

  • A clock built using a scroll saw only, was on display inside of a plexiglass case. Raffle tickets were sold at the Penngrove Power Museum Saturday. The drawing will take place in November. Photo by Robert Grant

By: Irene Hilsendager
July 14, 2017

Under a very bright blue sky with a large hot sun shining down on the Penngrove Power-up and Implement Museum open house, motors of all kinds were putt, puttering and dust swirled down while machinery was being moved around. The shade was hard to find, but if you went through the museum to see all of the antiques and even a player piano, it was bearable. The youngsters that had never seen such large tractors were amazed. You could hear, “Dad, what does that thing do?” Or “Mom, can we take a train ride?” A colorful train runs through the Phillips property and offers free rides for the many visitors that showed up Saturday.

A small power point was played throughout the day memorializing the late Ralph Grello who was a major player in keeping the engines moving.

The yearly power-up event always takes place the second Saturday of July. During the rest of the year private tours are given for schools or different organizations by getting in touch with Nancy Phillips at 707-795-4849.

One of the highlighted features for this year was a very intricate clock, handmade by Thomas Marshall, who says he took up working with a scroll saw as a hobby back in 1992.  He is a farmer by nature and has turned the farm over to his son but as Thomas said, “I have to work for him now.” He claims he has many clocks setting all over the farmhouse and will at times donate some to a good cause to raise money for organizations.