May 24, 2017
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Local women receive a Juliette award at the Rohnert Park Community Center

May 5, 2017

Jennifer Chavez, Melanie Hall, Corrine Sutliff, Jennifer Voight, local area residents, are the proud recipients of the Girls Scouts Juliette Award at the 15th annual Juliette’s Jubilee held at the Rohnert Park Community Center last Friday night. This award is given in honor of Juliette Gordon Low who founded the Girl Scouts in 1912 and recognizes individuals who have followed similar paths. (Debbie Bailey, not shown was at the Community Award dinner receiving another award.)

These women were praised because of their volunteering and always behind the scenes and never tooting their own horns. When the Girls Scouts merged, the local leaders wanted to keep respecting these volunteers and to let them know that they also honor them for ‘how they do the volunteering,’ but to let everyone know that it is for all ages and abilities. Debbie Bailey and Barbara Novak were the first recipients of the award years ago.

Photo by Robert Grant