October 19, 2017
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Local girl survives Vegas shooting

  • Savanna Chasco

By: Katherine Minkiewicz
October 6, 2017

A 2015 Rancho Cotate High School graduate is OK after being shot once in the back during a rain of gunfire at a Jason Aldean concert late Sunday night at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, where a 64-year-old man opened fire on the crowd from the 32nd floor of the adjacent Mandalay Bay hotel, killing 59 people and injuring over 500.

Savanna Chasco, a junior at University Nevada, Reno, was attending a concert with her friend when a barrage of shots rang out into the crowd of 22,000, striking Chasco, who then was able to find aid and was transported to a hospital to be treated.

In an interview with Chasco’s father, Eddie Chasco, it was confirmed that his daughter was only shot once in the back and not twice. The medical attention she received in a local Vegas hospital consisted of locating the bullet, which was found lodged between two vertebrae, according to Chasco’s father.

Savanna has yet to undergo any surgery according to her father since for now it is OK to leave the bullet in until she can go to her own orthopedic doctor, her father said.

Her father Eddie explained how she was able to reach safety and call out for help for an EMT, who eventually came by, administered aid and loaded her into an ambulance along with four other wounded people.

“She was talking with us on the phone and we were confirming that she was shot, you could here rapid gunfire in the background… We told her to stop where she was and we had her walk over to the MGM and have her just start calling out for help and then an EMT approached her and then after that another paramedic showed up and three nurses and they were able to treat her a little bit and then put her in an ambulance,” Chasco explained. “She was put in there with four other people... and there was one person they were trying to resuscitate but by the time they got to the hospital, they didn’t make it.”

Chasco’s parents, Lavina and Eddie, reportedly drove to Las Vegas to meet their daughter since Las Vegas McCarran Airport had been temporarily shut down.

When asked what was going through his head when he learned what happened and that his daughter had been shot, Chasco said it was the one time where he felt helpless as a parent.

“Literally nothing was going through my mind. It was the first  time as a parent that I felt helpless. I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t

know how to get here fast enough… I couldn’t be Superman,” Chasco said.

Chasco also said he is thankful that Savanna is up and can walk and is coherent, however, overcoming the mental impact of this tragic event will be the next mountain that Savanna and her family will have to conquer.

“We’re thankful that she is up, we’re thankful that she can walk, that she’s talking, she’s coherent… we’re thankful for all of that. However, she still has a bullet in her back, we still have to address that and we have the physical and mental aspect of it to conquer now,” he said.

Chasco graduated from Rancho in 2015, where she was a cheerleader with the Rohnert Park Warrior’s Football and Cheer organization, according to a family friend source who wished to remain unnamed.

Commander Aaron Johnson of the Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety said he is certainly grateful that Savanna is OK.

“Her family is big in youth sports and being involved in our community and our hearts go out to them… thank goodness she wasn’t killed,” Commander Johnson said. “This is so crazy, I mean it’s just mind boggling just the impact that this has had. We need to realize that even with planning and preparation, you never know when you are going to be faced with a critical incident.”

The shooter, Stephen Paddock, who allegedly killed himself before Las Vegas Police arrived on scene, was found with 23 guns in his hotel room, according to the Washington Post.

If you want to check on a loved one who may have been affected by the shooting or is missing, call (866)535-5654.