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January 23, 2018
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Kindness begins early in life

December 22, 2017

Among the 70 volunteers that showed up at the Burton Recreation Center Saturday Dec. 16, wrapping toys for the less unfortunate, three youngsters showed up wearing Kindness Committee t-shirts. Asked what they represented, it was mentioned it started at a birthday party by giving away balloons to children that didn’t have any. It showed an act of kindness towards others. Their spokesperson said that now it has transpired to a give- away once a month, be it coffee gift cards or just some candy for others.

So many young people volunteered to wrap gifts for the 105 families that applied through the police, fire department and Rotary Clubs. Many of the gifts will be appreciated by the 230 children that will receive toys for the holiday being delivered Dec. 23 by fire trucks and police cars.onzalez, Khloe Campbell, David Gomez Perez, Taylor Buonano, Brooke Montgomery, Lucca Keane, Cole Schmidt, Mason Greene, Trent Yingst, Kyle Huffman, Shaila Paredes, Wyatt Oliver, Jordyn Janowicz, Ripley Hansen and Jason Casey.

Irene Hilsendager