October 18, 2019
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History-1992 The feminization of politics

By: Irene Hilsendager
July 12, 2019

It’s interesting to note that the name mentioned most often to possibly step in as a replacement for the recuperating Bill Filante is Bev Hansen, former GOP Assemblywoman from Santa Rosa. Bev has strong Rohnert Park ties going back 15 years or more to her PTA activities down here. It is also interesting to note that Filante’s opponent is Petaluma councilwoman Lynn Woolsey. Both are running for the Sixth Congressional District seat vacated by Barbara Boxer, Marin Democrat, who is running for U.S. Senate. Boxer and Dianne Feinstein are both favored to win Senate seats in November. The feminization of politics ribbon is continuous from local city councils right on up to the U.S. Senate.

It is too early to tell what effect Filante’s brain surgery will have on the congressional race. I fervently wish him a speedy recovery and a return to action sometime in September. Bill’s a conscientious legislator and a constant ally of both RP and Cotati in the tumultuous halls of Sacramento. He rarely missed civic functions up here whether it was Founders Day or Cotati’s Indian Festival. You could always count on him to say a few mellifluous words whenever a banquet was held in the Washoe House. Bill’s brand of independence is always refreshing and deserves to be maintained. This does not necessarily constitute an endorsement, Bill; election day is still eleven weeks away. It is just a boost to get you back in the fray.

Irene Hilsendager’s column each week touches on moments in the history of Cotati, Rohnert Park and Penngrove.