June 24, 2017
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Fighting The Four Sleep Disrupters

  • Sleeping disorders are a growing concern that can seriously affect day-to-day life-but you don't have to take it lying down.

By: Naps
May 26, 2017

(NAPS)—Every night, while you’re peacefully sleeping, four things may be happening that could seriously harm your health. Fortunately, there are many ways to address these problems. A major one is to invest in a good mattress.

Four Sleep Troubles That Hurt Your Health

1. Pressure points—Tossing and turning can interrupt your sleep. Research shows that people change positions up to 120 times a night on surfaces that don’t provide good support. This restlessness reduces restorative REM sleep, which affects attentiveness and energy throughout the day. Proper support from your mattress gives you better pressure relief.

2. External factors—Too much caffeine and sugar too close to bedtime can interrupt sleep. So can light and noise.

3. Temperature—A room that’s too hot or too cold can keep you up at night. To help, some mattresses are designed with gel-infused foams and performance fabrics that keep you cool when you’re hot, warm when you’re cold.

4. Allergens—Keeping your mattress and pillows clean can help keep allergens and dust mites at bay. Clean your pillowcase covers regularly and replace pillows every year or two. Another help: The Yogabed mattress offers a zip-off washable cover so you can keep things clean and allergen free. 

This luxury foam mattress features an advanced layered system specifically designed to optimally support the body by dispersing weight evenly and reducing pressure points that cause tossing and turning. That’s because it’s made with Instant Response Foam and YogaGel cooling memory foam. Together, they retain the best qualities of memory foam, latex foam and gel foam, all in one. That also means you won’t be disturbed by movement from your partner, pet or practically anything else while sleeping.

What Else You Need To Know 

Here are a few more facts and myths about sleep:

Myth: It’s possible to “catch up on your sleep.” 

Fact: Sleep debt is the difference between the amount of sleep you get each night and the amount you actually need. Sadly, a marathon snooze session or two won’t make you debt-free.

Myth: A drink before bed will help you sleep.

Fact: Alcohol may initially cause a feeling of sleepiness, but mounting evidence says that it will actually cause you to wake during the night and inhibit deeper sleep phases. 

Myth: If you can’t sleep, count sheep.

Fact: Picturing relaxing images performs much better than counting sheep or other monotonous tasks as a method for falling asleep.

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