September 23, 2017
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Congressman Thompson holds town hall meeting in RP

  • Mike Thompson File photo

By: Irene Hilsendager
August 11, 2017

United States Congressman Mike E. Thompson, who represents California’s fifth district held a town hall meeting Tuesday evening at the Rancho Cotati High School.

Thompson opened the meeting with a strong message that his first priority is the need to strengthen the middle class. Our tax system needs to work for the common everyday people and not millionaires.

The discussion mainly turned to the North Korea situation and the news of an impending nuclear strike on the West Coast. Many had their cell phones in hand watching for more news since Guam was also mentioned.

One brave gentleman who admitted he voted for a GOP presidential name said that all he is hearing in this room tonight is…fear. Congressman Thompson assured him that many topics will have to be discussed at the white house, senate and congress before we will know of any immediate outcome.

Another subject that was brought up was, should the United State strike first and destroy many lives in South Korea or wait and see if negotiations again will work? Thompson spoke on the many different committees he has been involved with such as Ways and Means and is especially interested in Social Security, Medicare and anything pertaining to health. Thompson also brought up infrastructures, which ties to tax reform. There is a possibility that monies tied up overseas would help pay for the badly needed fixing of infrastructures.

Congressman Thompson is on the task force of the gun safety committee. He wants more background checks so you cannot go out of state to purchase guns especially if the purchaser has had a mentally ill condition. For the last four and a half years, Thompson has also worked to increase gun violence prevention but has not received much of a satisfactory answer from either party.

Another question was on the 20 percent corporate tax. Thompson said, “It depends on what day or whom you talk to, I can’t really answer but I am against it, but my main points are if a tax cut comes about, it must be paid for. All tax reforms have to be revenue neutral and cannot be passed on the backs of everyone. Tax reform must be bipartisan. We must work on a new tax incentive for higher education and career education such as mechanics, etc.”

One member of the audience, Julie, who requested her last name remain anonymous, asked if there was any support for impeachment of President Trump. Thompson said this is premature, as Robert Mueller will do exceptional work. The last thing he mentioned was the redistricting and drawing of lines has hurt the Democratic Party. 

Another similar question came up about the North Korean leader. He threatens his people, he suppresses his people, he is building an arsenal of weapons but will the United States try to diffuse the situation and ask for help from other governments to work closely with the United States. Along the lines of this topic, another question was asked. Can Congress censure Trump? Thompson said as long as the GOP base is strong it will be a long day, week and year. General Kelly is sensitive to the needs of the country and Senator Kamela Harris and Senator Diane Feinstein say we need reassurance from both sides of the aisle.

Thompson also said he is proud of the fact that he introduced the first telemedicine bill to move health care along.

The event concluded with Gerard Guidice thanking Congressman Thompson for representing Rohnert Park and the fifth district in Congress.