November 20, 2017
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Boy Scouts and volunteers busy building sift boxes

By: Irene Hilsendager
October 27, 2017

After the wild fires tore through neighborhoods near Rohnert Park, the Redwood Empire Council Scouts along with over 245 volunteers partnered with Friedman’s and Lowe’s Home Improvement stores to aid the scouts in building sifter boxes. Michael Polkinghorn and Robert Connell, stationed at each improvement store had less than 16 hours to mobilize the troops to start the daunting task of building the many boxes. Friedman’s and Lowe’s have furnished all supplies.

Sifter boxes, a square with a screen nailed on, are being used by the unfortunate that lost their homes by sifting items from the ashes and dirt to maybe find a treasure left behind after the devastation.

Over 2,000 sifter boxes were built. Troop 6 from Piedmont, California came prepared to cater a shelter but some were double booked so the Piedmont group set up shop to feed all of the volunteers building the receptacles.

Many scouting units have been volunteering around the county in shelters and churches as well as helping those in the community. Many troops have held their own build-days for sifter boxes and also ran fundraisers to help those who lost their homes. In this council, more than 45 scouting families lost everything in the fires and some also lost some or all of their equipment. Scouts are always there to lighten the load along the way. Support your local scout troop.