January 17, 2018
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Being there for each other

By: Dawn Dolan
November 3, 2017

As we begin to regroup and heal from the shock and sadness of the suddenness, ferocity and devastation of the fires that have affected us all in a very deep way, we are so very aware of the support of so many not only in our local community but those from afar who have felt compassion and connection with us in such a tangible way. We have had people opening their homes to friends and strangers. There has been an overflow of food, clothing and personal necessities along with the personal time, money and efforts of so many volunteering in every way

possible to protect life from imminent danger and to provide for the immediate needs of daily life. Who knew we were living amongst such greatness?

    Even as we mourn those who we have lost, there is present to us the incredible gratitude we all feel for the first responders who endangered their own lives to get people and animals to safety and then to do their amazing best to protect what properties they could under such incredibly dangerous conditions day after day after day. The personal signs that people have been posting around us expressing their heartfelt gratitude is so moving to all of us who feel the appreciation for so many who we will never personally meet.

When the need is real, we come through for each other in a big way. Let us all be mindful in the coming days to see the humanity in everyone we come in contact with and to truly appreciate each and every one we meet.


Dawn Dolan, MA, ACN is an advocate for integrative healthcare, consulting with medical doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, psychotherapists, body workers, massage therapists and other healthcare professionals. She can be reached by email at