September 20, 2017
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Bastet Dance Fitness dances into an opening celebration

By: Katelyn Quinn
September 8, 2017

Excited people around Rohnert Park found a new dance studio in the opening of Bastet Dance Fitness. The studio is opening to many different kinds of people interested in dance, and they’ve announced that the studio will be providing a variety of dance classes.

 Bastet Dance Fitness was formed by long-time dance instructor Stephanie Collette and proprietor Tina Montgomery. Each has their own history with dance. Collette has been doing ballet and belly dancing for many years and was previously working as an instructor in San Francisco at iCandy (she has also previously run a business working as a freelance makeup artist). Montgomery has been dancing since high school and found a passion in not only Zumba and chair dance, but in forming her own business. 

This is the duo’s first business, and they look forward to what the studio shall bring to many people.

 “When we created Bastet, we thought about how anyone who wants to dance should have the chance to,” said Collette. “Here at Bastet, it’s not about being perfect at it, it’s about having fun. You have a lot of opportunities, and as long as you’re enjoying it and you enjoy getting around, you’ll find a lot out of it.”

 On Saturday, Bastet had an official ribbon cutting. The event saw a large turnout of around 30 attendees. On both Saturday and Sunday, it was open to the public and people enjoyed chatting with the creators, instructors and other attendees, free refreshments and drinks.

They had the chance to participate in a variety of free classes. The dance sessions included Zumba, chair dance, self-defense, belly dance, piyo, hip hop, turbo-kick and much more. 

 “It’s a different kind of fitness from, say, simply going to the gym,” said Luke Lindberg, one of the new instructors and the leader of the hip hop and jazz sessions. “You get to mix it up quite a bit, and try out new dances. It gets exciting when you get to mix around your routine a bit and play it by ear. We love creating new experiences for people here.”

 However, for anyone who might’ve missed the opening celebration, they will still have a chance to try out the dance classes. From September 5- 17, the classes continue to be free. To register for classes and to check out the schedule, go to, or contact (707)-787-1614 or