July 25, 2017
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Another successful book sale for the Friends of the Library

  • The Friends of the Library book sale took place last week. Many readers combed the collection of books searching for literary treasures. Robert Grant

By: Christina Molcillo
June 16, 2017

Three times during the year, the nonprofit, volunteer organization Friends of the Library holds their book sale, and this year was a big success. On the final day of the four day event, the parking lot was filled by noon with volunteers still busy handing out paper bags to eager patrons looking to stock their library shelves.

Olwen Peterson – one of the volunteers who’s been a volunteer there for over 30 years – was there to help answer questions and gather the $5 that each bag full of books cost.

She looked bemused when approached with questions “I’ve been featured so often,” she laughed, “but we still want to thank the community for coming out and supporting this sale – every bit goes right back into supporting the library. Every penny is helpful.”

Mary Jane Beccaria, the current secretary for the Friends of the Library, pointed out that when the sale ends this time around, anyone who missed it should stop by the library bookstore. Fred Albrecht, a 10 year volunteer at the store pointed out that all the books in the store are donations as well, and just like the books sale – the money goes right back into the library. “It’s a great way of supporting the library,” he said, “There’s not a lot of bookstores in Rohnert Park, but we’re right here. It’s a very convenient location.”

The bookstore is open the same hours as the library, and the volunteers process over 100,000 books, magazines, CDs and other materials each year. The chances are good that if you didn’t find what you were looking for at the book sale, you’ll come across it in the store.