May 25, 2019
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And the California State Elementary spelling champion is Miller! -2009

By: Irene Hilsendager
September 7, 2018

Saturday morning May 15 was an exciting day in Person’s Theatre on the Sonoma State University campus.

School buses were parked nearby after having unloaded many students from every county in California. Voices were getting louder and louder while waiting to get on the stage to start the 30th annual California State Elementary

Spelling Championship. Dr. Carl Wong, Superintendent of Sonoma County said he was so impressed by the students going on their own to enter this contest. Sienna Rose McDonald from Healdsburg (a Sonoma County student) came in at number six. Margaret Wang came in second and is a sixth grader at Miller Creek Middle School in San Rafael. Reading and art are her favorite subjects in school. Andrew Miller, 12 years old became the champion; being in the sixth grade at Ocean Grove Charter School in Placerville. This is his second year going for the championship. Language, arts and science are his favorite subjects. The top six winners won savings bonds. A fun fact is there were 62 competitors representing 32 counties out of 1,400,365 fourth, fifth and sixth graders throughout California. The stage was very nicely decorated in racing colors and stripes. Driven Raceway, Rohnert Park, was a partner agency.