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September 21, 2018
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Adoptiversary for pets

By: Mickey Zeldes
July 13, 2018

My sister posted on Facebook recently that it was her newest dog’s one-year adoptiversary (she actually called it his “gotcha day” but I like the term adoptiversary better!) That’s the annual celebration of the day he was adopted. Some people give that day as the pet’s birthday – if he was a stray and the actual day is unknown and it’s true in a way, the dog is being reborn and given a second chance! Assuming the adoption is going well and you’ve bonded with your new pet, it is definitely something worth celebrating!

This week is my dog’s 6-year adoptiversary. He was approximately 2 years old when I adopted him from a rescue group in L.A. (I was looking for a Golden or Aussie and my sister found him at the rescue where she volunteers), so we will be celebrating his 8th birthday too. He recently lost one front leg to cancer so we are happy that he is still here with us to celebrate. Not sure yet what, if anything, we will do to mark the day but I’m sure we will at least fuss over him a bit more than usual.

Through the years we have done all sorts of celebrations for our pet’s birthdays. Everything from piling canned pet food on a plate with a candle to inviting friends over for a party – complete with silly chews and toys as presents for the dog to unwrap. One year we took our dogs on an overnight stay at a dog friendly inn by the beach! Sometimes you just have to celebrate the simple things and savor the moment. I find now that we have multiple pets, it gets to be a bit much to try and do something for each one. Some people say they don’t do anything because they don’t really know the birth date of the animal but you must know the day that he or she came into your lives, right? And that’s where adoptiversary celebrations come in!  

I’ve also thrown a ‘new puppy’ shower for my friend when she acquired her first dog. Getting all the supplies for a baby (pup) is expensive and what better way to introduce your new family member to all your friends than to hold a party? It was a lot of fun and since many friends brought their dogs too it was a good socializing experience for the newcomer.  

I’m curious what you do for your pets to celebrate their birthdays or adoption days? Have you ever been invited to a pet’s birthday party? Did you go or just roll your eyes and write off that friend as too eccentric? What’s the most elaborate pet celebration you’ve been too? Celebrating milestones in your pet’s life has been shown to strengthen the human/animal bond. “New pet” shower, adoptiversaries, birthdays (if known) - I’m all for parties, so what else can we celebrate?


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