November 15, 2018
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Adapting to the weather changes

By: Dawn Dolan
November 2, 2018

Weather changes – moving into Fall – hot days, cold nights, fog, clear skies – what will it be today?? Well certainly not what it was yesterday! Our bodies are busy trying to adapt to the daily swings. How are you holding up? Is your heater coming on at night? Are your sinuses drying out or nose getting congested? Are the kids starting to bring home colds or other illnesses?

Perhaps now is a good time to think about boosting your immune system to avoid all the unpleasant effects that the weather and the germs can bring to us at this time of year. Let’s just enjoy the beauty of the season and move on through with health and well-being.

Many traditional cultures have long known about the beneficial effects of supporting the body’s own natural immunity and endurance with what has been labeled adaptogenic herbs. These herbs generally come from plants that live in a harsh environment and must struggle to survive. They must adapt to these conditions if they are to live. Their chemical makeup has been honed over millennia to allow them to thrive where weather conditions and/or predators would make it difficult to survive. We can take advantage of these inborn qualities. The very chemicals that allow the plants to survive and to thrive can often do the same for us.

Perhaps you would like more energy or more stamina. Perhaps you would like a clearer mind and more focus. Perhaps you would just like to not get sick during the holiday seasons ahead. Do a little research online or speak with a knowledgeable herbalist or natural healthcare provider. It’s quite easy here in Northern California to avail ourselves of good quality adaptogenic herbs. We are most fortunate!

To start with, look into Echinacea, Holy Basil, Rhodiola and Ginseng. There’s quite a science behind which species of the plant to use, which part of the plant, what region it is grown in, how and when it is collected, and how it is handled, processed, stored and transported. This is one of those times that the effort of a little investigation pays big rewards.