January 19, 2018
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A message for the New Year

By: Steven Campbell
December 29, 2017

I’m not a “New Year’s Resolutions” kind of guy.

The vast majority of my past resolutions never lasted long, led to a lot of guilt, and brought about some pretty bad feelings about myself.  My resolutions were definitely not the way to start a New Year.

However, over the years, especially as I speak to people, a new way of thinking about ‘resolutions’ has evolved. Not only does this “New Way of Thinking” work better, it takes a lot of guilt away. It is also wonderfully encouraging, and leaves me feeling better about myself, and my life.  

So let me share a “New Way of Thinking” for 2016.

And we’ll start with two questions. The first one is, “When did my “Old Life” end?

The answer is, “it just did!!!”

My life of missing appointments, of gaining weight, of saying the wrong thing, or feeling bad about myself, just ended.

I can absolutely know that by asking myself the second question. When did my “New Life” begin? 

It just did! Right now! And in this new life, which just began, I am learning how to: 

Be more careful with my calendar

Watch what I say to other people

Eat smaller portions 

Change what I am saying to myself about myself

Now…why does this actually work…psychologically? 

Because countless studies show that our brain believes everything we tell it…without question. So when I say to myself, “My new life is beginning” my brain just says, “Oh...OK!”

And here’s the exciting part. When I lock onto that “New Life” (which is beginning) my brain actually looks for ways to:

Be more careful with my calendar

Watch what I say to other people

Eat smaller portions 

Change what I am saying to myself about myself 

Now… is the statement “My new life is beginning” true? Your brain doesn’t even care!  

All it cares about is what YOU…tell it!

And notice this.  “My new life is beginning” is the present tense.  

Why is that so important? 

My father died 40 years ago when he was very young, and as we drove away from the memorial service, Mary said it to me, “If you die early, I’ll kill you!”  I was much heavier then, so I said, “You’re right! I need to lose this weight.” So I would run and swim during the week, and lose about three pounds! 

I’d then gain it all back on the weekend.  I could not lose the weight for 25 years because of my self-talk. 

I would tell myself, “I will lose 40 pounds!” My brain would then say, “Good idea! Hope you do!  Sounds great! I’m going to go take a nap!” Why is that? The reason is that our brains cannot control the future, as they are so busy just dealing with the present. Statements like “I will do this!” or “I will do that!” are therefore meaningless to them.

However, when I switched that message to the present tense, and began saying “I AM losing this 40 pounds now,” my brain became actively involved with making sure I did.

So…when you say, “My new life is beginning…right now!” your brain, which is always dealing with the present, will do everything to make your new life begin….right now!

When I share this with my audiences, there is always one or two who tell me afterwards, “This is all psychobabble…and it will never work for me.” When they say that, I very gently respond, “You’re absolutely correct. It won’t work for you.”

But the reason it won’t work is because that’s what they’re saying, and their brain’s job is to make sure it doesn’t!

So…rather than a “New Year’s Resolution,” think of each moment which God has given you as the beginning of your New Life. 



Steven Campbell is the author of “Making Your Mind Magnificent” and conducts “The Winners Circle” every two months at Sonoma Mountain Village in RP. Contact Steven at 480-5007 or go his website at to ask about his one-day free monthly seminar.