Cambodian dancer Charya Burt to perform at Imaginists in Santa Rosa
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Classical Cambodian dancer/choreographer Charya Burt, in a special collaboration with the Imaginists, presents “Silenced,” an evening of multi-media dance theatre centered on the tragic story of Cambodian pop icon Ros Sereysothea whose life was cut short by the Khmer Rouge genocide. The piece will be presented at the Imaginists, located at 461 Sebastopol Ave. in Santa Rosa on October 16, 17, 18, and 19.

“Silenced,”  honors the life of Cambodian pop icon Ros Sereysothea, mixing 1960’s Cambodian pop music with compositions for guitar by Alexis Alrich and video design by Olivia Ting. “Silenced” begins with an original classical dance piece, “Forever My Ancestors,” an offering to honor the spirits of the ancestors who have carefully preserved and passed down the tradition of Khmer dance. Upon receiving the offerings, the spirits provide blessings and protection. The dance symbolizes the importance of the connection between the earth and the heavens – the natural and spiritual worlds and how the priceless knowledge and sacred traditions of the past have continued to live on forever despite Cambodia’s tragic history. 

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