School days again
CRPUSD students return to classes on damp, drizzly day
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By Kelli Davis  August 22, 2014 12:00 am

Classes began on Aug. 19 for all schools in the Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School District, and, for me in particular, it would be my last “first day” until college. 

First days can be frightening experiences for those entering kindergarten, those moving up from the elementary school level to middle school or those who left the middle schools and are now high-school students.

In a school like Rancho Cotate High, with easily more than 1,000 students all trying to get their schedules, including freshmen who hadn’t spent that much time on campus, things were bound to get hectic.

Faculty members all returned from their own breaks on July 30, so they only had 20 or so days to get everything in order for the new year. There were a few mistakes with some students’ schedules, but overall the classes were all very well thought out and suited to each student’s own credit needs. My own class list was made up of classes I signed up to take in the second semester of my junior year, and I know that I am not alone in that scheduling. The staff at Rancho Cotate really seems to try to give you classes that you signed up for.  

When I walked onto the Rancho Cotate campus, there was a very long line of students obviously waiting to get their class list. Each grade was supposed to get their classes in different areas. So I walked through this line when I heard one freshman girl exclaim, “Look guys, we’re in high school now!” That one statement just added to the feeling of surreality of the entire situation.  The whole morning was shocking to me, especially when I first walked into the parking lot and realized that all the kids in the cars were all people in my grade, and that we were the oldest. That feeling wore off, of course, as the day went on, but I don’t think I’ve felt anything like that since I was an eighth-grader at Lawrence Jones Middle School. 

There was weird weather to start off the year, as it was misty and cold in the morning, but unlike past days, it didn’t get much hotter in the afternoon as the cloud cover lingered throughout the day. Most people were dressed for summer weather instead of fall, so it worked out for those who dressed in shorts and tank-tops. More than anything, even though the vacation has ended, people looked excited to be back at school for the first day with their friends. Personally, I think this year will be a good one for Rancho Cotate, if the many eager faces of the students are anything to go by.

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