Start of school increases traffic
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School is back in session starting next week (Aug. 18) and the Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety is asking all drivers to be aware around the schools.

During the summer, drivers get used to the lack of pedestrians around the schools and change driving behaviors; however, next week things will be different. There will be more kids and cars in concentrated areas. All drivers should plan ahead and take extra time dropping kids off to school. 

“There will be an extraordinary amount of children as well as traffic around the schools, said Sgt. Aaron Johnson, who heads up the traffic unit. 

“Drivers can get impatient and increase their speeds out of frustration. The Public Safety Department is asking drivers to be patient and drive safely.” 

• Provisional drivers: They should follow the provisions of their license status. If they are cited for driving outside the provisions of their license, they are at risk of getting their license suspended. 


• Pedestrians: They need to use the crosswalks and only enter the roadway when directed to by a signal. When not controlled by a signal, cross only when safe to do so. If a pedestrian is on the sidewalk, he or she shall not enter the road unless it is safe to do so (no traffic close enough to constitute a hazard). Once in the street, pedestrians must cross without delay. Keep eyes on the road as well as other drivers, not the smart phone. 


• Bicycles: All bicycle riders and skateboarders under 18 years of age are required to wear an approved helmet with the chin strap fastened. In addition, bicycle riders are to ride with the flow of traffic and follow all vehicle code laws no different than a vehicle. Generally, bicycles should not ride on the sidewalk unless it is the safest option for the rider.

Rohnert Park has many bike paths in and around the city. Bicycle riders are encouraged to use the bike paths to travel through the community as an alternative to riding on the main thoroughfares. 


Motorists can expect increased patrols around the schools. They should take extra time, plan ahead and arrive safely to their destinations. The Rohnert Park Traffic Division can be reached at (707) 584-2688 or 

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