Ravitch warns of jury scam in Sonoma County
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Sonoma County District Attorney Jill Ravitch has warned county residents to be aware of a scam that is occurring in Sonoma County.

The scam’s scheme is that a person calls stating he is from the Jury Commissioner’s Office or the Sheriff’s Office, says you failed to report for jury duty and threatens you with an arrest warrant for failing to honor the jury summons.  Potential victims are told they must go to a local store and purchase a prepaid debit card for several hundred dollars to suspend the warrant otherwise a police officer will be coming to their door to make an arrest.

No police officer or court or jury service personnel will ever call and demand money. Those receiving such a phone call should simply hang up.  Those receiving a jury summons and do not appear will receive a letter from the jury service office in the mail with another summons to appear for jury duty.  

After a failure to appear, a potential juror would only be faced with the possibility of a fine that would be imposed in court by a judge.  Those wishing to verify any correspondence or communication they receive from the jury service office should call the Superior Court Jury Services for Sonoma County at (707) 521-6640.

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