RP reviews details for NWSP on two sides Graton casino
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By Jud Snyder  July 25, 2014 12:00 am

The City of Rohnert Park has elbowed its way into  Sonoma County territory with the unveiling of the Northwest Specific Plan.

The RP City Council examined it at a special work-study session held Monday, July 14, in City Hall. No vote was taken, but the council approved going ahead with the plan, including future annexation.

The NWSP is a T-shaped parcel about 100 acres in size under county jurisdiction, but it’s also a part of RP’s Sphere of Influence, which means both RP and Sonoma County are aware it’s slated for future annexation. The longest section is the T’s crossbar, a vertical piece of land running north to south, with Dowdell Avenue as its eastern border. Millbrae Avenue is at the top and Business Park Drive is at the bottom.

The trunk of the T-shape starts about one third of the way south on Dowdell and runs east to west down to Golf Course Drive West. The land is mostly hay fields with a scattering of small houses and ranches. The plan borders two sides of the Graton Resort and Casino acreage occupying the southwest chunk of land. It extends westward to Langner Avenue, RP’s city limits and the casino’s property limits. Golf Course Drive West runs along the bottom edge of the T’s trunk.

The city and the county are working together to change the name Wilfred Avenue to Golf Course Drive out to Stony Point Road.

The NWSP is extraordinarily detailed with recommended plans for businesses, two and tree story apartment houses (no single family houses at this stage), commercial and retail areas, mixed use, light manufacturing areas, parks and even the size of trees and building setbacks. An illustration of possible development is part of the package. This fold-out page is merely recommendations or suggestions, and it’ll be a few years before any of them will manage to actually appear.

The draft version was put together by Marilyn Ponton, director of development services, her staff and consultants. It includes conceptual pedestrian and bicycle networks, transit facilities, water and sewer infrastructures, storm water controls, land use components, reclaimed water system plans, utilities infrastructure, possible financing mechanisms and more, all backed up by many pages of supporting  data. The plan itself is almost an inch thick when squeezed tight. No date was set when the city will start annexation procedures with the county’s Local Agencies Formation Commission (LAFCO).

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