MELT-ing away limitations
Denise Drake dedicates herself to helping others get healthy and ease pain
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By Mira Brody  July 25, 2014 12:00 am

Denise Drake is all about eliminating life’s limitations. If you’ve got chronic pain, muscle stiffness or just want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, whether you’re a regular exerciser or not, Drake can help you.

Connective tissue is essentially the scaffolding of the human body and no matter how healthy you are, our connective tissues need to be rehydrated. The MELT (Myofacia Energetic Length Technique) Method, which implements small round balls and foam rollers, is designed to remove old fluids and replace them with new connective tissue fluids.

Drake was transitioning between her job as an office manager for a painting contractor, where she had been for 13 years, to becoming a personal trainer when she spotted a woman named Sue Hitzman on the Dr. Oz Show. Drake then attended a MELT introductory course with Hitzman in San Rafael and felt the affects immediately.

She began introducing it to her students in her Bootcamp class and found it helped a woman regain movement in her hand after surgery. Her tendons, which had seized up because of stress and scar tissue, were now free to move flexibly once more.

“A lot of people I think are feeling like there is no hope,” says Drake. “You’re taking pills, you’re doing whatever the doctor says, but you’re not really getting any relief. It does take time and it does take consistency, but it will work.”

Consistency is key, she adds, but she has not found one student yet, no matter the ailment, who’s life has not been improved by the MELT Method.

Drake quit her desk job and has been a personal trainer for five years now. She rents a studio space in Penngrove as well as teaches classes here at the Callinan Sport Center. Her classes include her Bootcamp, a Super Slow class, which focuses on eliminating momentum during strength training, and now her introductory MELT workshops. She hopes to fill both of her MELT classes because she believes it is beneficial to anyone in any condition, but that people simply do not know what it consists of.

“I started doing personal training in the evenings, but the personal training really started to pull me,” she says of her time while transitioning between jobs. “That was my passion. I’d be sitting at my desk and wanting to be up and moving. It was really hard for me to leave, but I just couldn’t do that anymore. I wanted to help people.”

There are different routines, or maps, of MELTing for every lifestyle: one for runners, golfers, motorcycle riders, people with sciatica, people who sit at a desk most of the day.

“It’s really for anybody, and you don’t have to be in pain to do it either. Everybody has some sort of imbalance, so it’s really for everyday living,” Drake assures.

She says even for heavy gym-goers, both MELT and Super Slow training is ideal as a pre-gym warm-up, helping to replace that old connective tissue with new fluids. It is also convenient because anyone can continue the workouts on their own after learning the basics at her introductory class.

“I really want to fill the class at the Callinan Center and I really want to fill the class in Penngrove,” says Drake. “I believe there is a need. It’s just about getting the word out there and letting people know what this is. There is hope.”

Chronic pain wrecks havoc and it keeps people from doing what they need and want to do in their lives. MELT is an easy way to eliminate that chronic pain and start living without those limitations.

“I want to take care of you, to get you where you want to be. If you’ve got some chronic pain, let’s fix it. Lets get you feeling better.”

Whatever the case, Drake is up to the challenge. “Give me two weeks,” she says, noting the first thing she notices in a student is a vast improvement in their mood and energy level.

Drake has an upcoming MELT Method class at Main Street Fitness on July 30 and one at Callinan Fitness Center on August 6.

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