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Stomach 44 good for decreasing inflammation, stiffness of foot
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By Gigi Shames  July 18, 2014 12:00 am

This point, known to acupuncturists as Stomach 44, is located on the foot within the webbing between the second and third toes. It is excellent for cooling heat and reducing pain, and this is used locally for inflammation and stiffness of the foot and distally for headache or jaw pain. Interestingly, ST 44 can also treat disorders of the stomach and intestines, such as dysentery with fever and acid reflux disease. Pressing this point increases circulation within the energy pathways and can also be used preventively upon awakening each morning to avoid developing the symptoms.

Note: Remember these vignettes are not medical advice. 

Step one: Locate the point ST 44 on your foot. The correct point will likely feel a little tender when using a firm touch. 

Step two: Using your thumb or index finger, press and hold the pressure for 10 seconds. Repeat several times per hour, or until symptoms lessen.

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