Our dependence on technology is not going away
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By Kelli Davis  July 18, 2014 12:00 am

In this day and age, it’s easy to make fun of movies that tried to predict the future of technology and failed. But maybe these movies aren’t getting the credit they deserve. 

The most famous example of this is “Back to the Future Part II,” where Marty (Michael J. Fox) is sent to  the year 2015 and experiences the advancements of technology from the perspective of someone from 1985. What he encounters are things like hover boards, shoes that tie themselves and flying cars, to name a few.  

Those familiar with the movie constantly joke about not having those things and think it ridiculous that anybody could have thought they would be around by now. What we aren’t thinking about is how far technology has already come, especially considering most of it panders to teenagers. 

Back in 2012, a study was conducted by the Pew Research Center that found almost 80 percent of teenagers nationwide had cell phones, and out of those, half owned smartphones. Out of those teens, 34 percent of girls studied described using their phones mostly to access the Internet, even when they had laptops or desktops accessible from their homes. Of all the teens studied, 74 percent said they used their phones at least occasionally to access the Internet. 

Technology is everywhere, and because we spend most of our lives with the ability to use it, we don’t think of it as anything special. It is ingrained in our lives, and many teens would be lost without their phones or tablets. Cell phones are replacing actual human contact now, as texting, making calls and a number of social media apps are available as a substitute. Websites like Facebook and Twitter ensure that if you have the Internet, you have ways to connect with your friends and even strangers simply by going on your phone. In fact, people in Ukraine are live-tweeting the revolution going on right now, updating everyone worldwide. 

There is virtually no way to avoid exposure to the technology in the world right now, starting with children. Products like the NABI Jr. are made specifically for infants up until they turn 5 years old, and even then, there are safe modes for tablets that are geared towards children’s usage. Schools and preschools across the nation are introducing tablets instead of books for education, and gradually, it will definitely be brought to middle and high schools. 

With technology going in the direction it is, a number of things will become obsolete. Books, for instance, are being replaced by Kindles and products like it, and so are CDs and things as simple as alarm clocks. We have phones and iPods to replace things that were once the commonplace, and it seems like nobody is really caring that they will be gone forever when they have so many other substitutes. 

The advancement of technology is just one more step in the shaping of the future, and people have to either avoid it or accept it. 

We all know that these past years are the ones key to changing the direction of the world, as companies like Apple and Samsung are leading the way with their new products for everyday use. It is fascinating to envision how the world will look in a hundred years, when technology will surely be at its peak. 

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