‘Hamlet’s Orphans’ hits 6th St. on July 18
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The tragedy “Hamlet’s Orphans” opens in the 6th Street Playhouse Studio Theatre and runs July 18-July 27.

Eleven year-old James Curtis is the brother of a girl who cannot feel empathy; she can watch or create the suffering of others, and remain unperturbed. Desperate to cure his sister’s illness but unable to do so, James becomes obsessed with setting down rules on how to be a good person. Inspired by discussions and improvisations with children aged 9-14, “Hamlet’s Orphans” explores the human desire to fix loved ones, to know right from wrong, to be both innocent and worldly, and to connect with other people. It is performed by these same children.

In April 2014, local playwright Dezi Gallegos (“Prop 8 Love Stories,” “Quite Dead” and “God Fights the Plague”), and a group of extraordinarily talented kids aged 9-14 began meeting once a week to create an original play. They played improvisational games, discussed empathy, morality and vulnerability. They shared personal stories about bullying, love and what it’s like to be a kid. Gallegos took home the ideas, stories and writings of the kids, and used them to write the original drama, “Hamlet’s Orphans.”

“This will not be a production where people walk away saying, ‘That was amazing, for a kid show.’ People will walk away saying ‘That was amazing, and I cannot believe it was created and performed by kids, ” Gallegos said. Written primarily for adult audiences but suitable for children 11 and up, “Hamlet’s Orphans” delivers an unflinching look at what it is to be a kid, and how identities are often shaped by loved ones.

Tickets are $10-$25 and will be available online or at the box office on July 1. Go to www.6thstreetplayhouse.com for tickets and more information.

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