Senior kings, queens celebrate
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By Natalie Gray  June 27, 2014 12:00 am

Lo and behold, citizens of Rohnert Park, presenting your lovely queens and mighty king! Oh, you weren’t aware royalty was being celebrated this week…that there was more to feat than a new royal lineage? That celebration would, of course, be the Rohnert Park Senior Center “Fun Over 50” Club annual joint birthday bash for those turning 90 or older.

“It was wonderful,” Barbara Schmidt said of the party. Schmidt was one of the 25 members celebrating their birthdays. 

Schmidt and 15 of her fellow birthday buddies that were able to attend the party, sat at the front of the banquet hall. 

They were draped in red cloaks, wore golden crowns, were handed magic wand-like scepters and sat at a table of their own, where they were able to smile and wave to their royal subjects. That is, all their friends, family and fellow club members who came out to celebrate them and their long lives. The party itself was fun and casual, with a lunch of chicken casserole, cream puffs, quiche and sparking cider, and featured a round of Bingo. 

Those celebrating a birthday that hit the over-90 mark were Kenneth Albright, Belen Brackett, Marianna Dennis, Betty Ferra, Elsa Hawes, Barbara Schmidt, Grace Lemontt, Irma Neveau, Coyla Baldi, Winnie Cadigan, Renee Dertner, Phena Fower, Ruby Mariana, Betty Johnson, Audree Lagrow, Betty Ries, Rose Weinstein, Patty Baxevanis, Frances Cuevas, Carla Evans, Jeannette Hinton, Georgia Todd, Pearl Williams and Wilma Munc, who was actually celebrating her 101st birthday.

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