Choose your all-time baseball teams
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With Major League Baseball currently in the midst of all-star balloting, we at The Community Voice thought it would be fun to allow fans to choose an all-star team of their own. 

However, instead of a team consisting of current players only, voters can choose their all-time National and American League teams – position by position. Also include a right-handed pitcher, a left-handed pitcher, a relief pitcher and an all-time manager.

Pick any player from any era, so long as he’s spent the bulk of his prime playing years in a particular league. For instance, even though a player such as Albert Pujols currently is on an American League team, his best years were in the National League, qualifying him for that ballot. Sure, the great Henry Aaron played for the Milwaukee Brewers at one time when they were in the American League, he’s a National Leaguer because of his days with the Braves. 

Not that he’d be on anyone’s list, but Kirk Gibson, who spearheaded the Dodgers to their last world title in 1988, is remembered more as a Detroit Tiger than a Dodger, qualifying him for the AL ballot.

The Community Voice staff will compile all the results and announce the team in the July 11 edition. The All-Star Game is on July 15. The cutoff date to submit your lists is July 6.

Send your lists via email to or jot your names down on a blank sheet of paper and send your list by snail mail to The Community Voice, PO Box 2038, Rohnert Park, CA 94927.

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