Local teens seem to be finding fun in other locations
A Local Teen's Perspective
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By Kelli Davis  June 20, 2014 12:00 am

All schools in the Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School District were let out on May 30, and since then, the students have been taking their time to lounge around with friends and relatives.

Teenagers in particular are taking full advantage of their summer vacation this year by leaving Rohnert Park, Cotati and Penngrove, and in some cases, the state itself. A majority of the teens in Rohnert Park have made plans with their friends and families to go to amusement parks and campgrounds, or just go out to visit relatives in another state. 

Before Rancho Cotate released for the summer, many students were already putting together trips and outings with each other. 

In the cases when they were merely talking about individual plans, most were sure that they were going to Disneyland in Southern California or attending various programs over the vacation. 

Some teens were getting together in groups to do the outings, and some of the most popular in-state camping destinations continue to be Lake Sonoma, Tahoe, and a number of other lakes in Northern California. 

High school students are relishing the opportunity to do whatever they want this summer, and the reasons behind it are clear. Whether it be going to see the latest movie or driving to some destination hours away, they are using the escapes to be who they are before continuing on in their last few years of absolute freedom. 

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