It appears Confucius abandons business
Chinese eatery in RP closed for six weeks and will not reopen
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Confucius Restaurant in Rohnert Park shuttered its doors approximately six weeks ago, and a sign said it was closed for “remodeling.”

As it turns out, the restaurant will not be reopening, according to the owner of the building, Codding Enterprises at Sonoma Mountain Village in Rohnert Park. On May 15, Codding Enterprises posted a “Notice of Belief of Abandonment” and a “Notice of a Right to Reclaim Abandoned Personal Property” on its doors.

When peering through the windows, it appears as if the restaurant is simply closed for the day rather than shut down for good. All the furniture remains intact, and the cash registers (obviously now empty) and dishware are in their proper place. 

Also, their telephone remains in operation, as does their website. Confucius had been in business at the Raley’s Town Centre since 2000.

“The two notices expire on June 3, at which time we are looking at releasing the property,” said Codding Enterprises spokeswoman Kirstie Moore.

The belief of abandonment notice states that overdue rent had been unpaid for 14 consecutive days and that the owner of the restaurant, Raymond Chang Yu Chan, had until June 3 to file a written notice that he intends not to abandon the real property and to produce an address at which he may be served by certified mail in any action for unlawful detainer of the real property.

When asked if Moore has been in contact with Chang Yu Chan since posting the notices, Moore said, “I can’t discuss that right now.”

Moore also said she was unable to disclose the monthly rent for Confucius to rent the space.

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