Amy’s Kitchen revisions gets OK from RP
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By Mira Brody  May 16, 2014 12:00 am

The Rohnert Park City council voted unanimously at its Tuesday, May 13 meeting, to proceed with some revisions along Snyder Lane.

The street is considered a main Rohnert Park artery and had previously been approved for widening. Now, the city plans to move the overhead utilities to an underground location, an alteration that will impact eight land owners in the vicinity, as well as Rancho Cotate High School and Cross and Crown Lutheran Church.

Because of the amount of traffic Snyder Lane carries, the project would be funded by the Rule 20A and discussed closely with Pacific Gas and Electric. The fund in question currently has about $2.1 million; PG&E estimates this particular project to be under $1.4 million. Rule 20A is a project fund held by PG&E to underground PG&E utilities. Funds for Rule 20A are taken from electric rates and are typically to underground utilities in areas of a community that are used most by the general public. In a letter to City Manager Darrin Jenkins, Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School District Superintendent Robert Haley supported the project, noting that it would make the area safer for students and traffic, as well as add to the overall appearance of the street.

A representative from Cross and Crown Lutheran Church voiced his concerns about the changing electrical panels, and who would be left with the bill if meters would need to be altered.

“There is a provision in the adoption that should it be necessary to do any panel conversions, there is a $1,500 credit to allow that to happen,” assured City Engineer Pat Barnes. “That credit would offset those costs. We don’t believe it will be necessary, however.”

Mayor Joseph Callinan urged staff to look into whether or not that would become an issue, and wished not to put out property owners if extra costs were needed.

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