Seniors set to display art
Art show scheduled for May 12-July 4 in RP
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By Natalie Gray  May 9, 2014 12:00 am

May begins the beauty and creativity of the world that will last the rest of the summer. We’re seeing the first blooms caused by those April ‘showers,’ longer, brighter days and new, tiny animals blinking their eyes open for the first time.

Doing its part to celebrate summer’s arrival, Rohnert Park’s community center is hosting an art show, presented by the talents of Rohnert Park Senior Center’s art workshop group. The show will run from May 12-July 4. 

“We’re just a bunch of seniors who get together at the Rohnert Park Senior Center because they were so kind as to give us a space,” said Judy Smith, co-founder of the art workshop.

The senior art workshop meets every Monday from 1:30-3:30 p.m. at the Senior Center. Smith and her friend, John Yatabe, founded the group with the desire to find a creativity-supportive spot where they and like-minded artists could simply come together and work. 

There are no fees, no instructors, no artistic restriction and no limit to the number of participants or times you can visit. Truly, the only rule is to show up with your own materials, ready to create art.

According to Smith, the workshop is really more of a support and inspiration group; the members show up every Monday with their own materials, in whatever media they wish to work with for the day. 

Members vary in age from 65-85 and differ in medium choice, from oil paint, colored pencils, watercolor, pastels and everything in between. 

Members are never asked to paint/draw based on a certain theme, nor are they even expected to share their work if they do not want to. They are merely asked to come in and enjoy the company and space provided (and the refreshments always kindly provided by the senior center).

The art show at the Community Center follows the same laid back, but more creative ideals; there is no theme or rules asked to be followed from the displayed art. Though Smith admits her fellow workshop members were hesitant at first, she reports they are now excited to have their art featured in a public show and are each trying to provide at least three unique, original pieces.

So, if you’re looking for a new way to explore the beauty of summer or, more specifically, the beauty and creativity of Rohnert Park, come stop by the community center May 12 and check out this free show. If you’re interested in creating your own art, finding like-minded individuals or a group supportive to the art process, stop by the senior center on Monday one of these days and become part of a friendly, creative art group.

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