Evergreen Elementary
Lifeskills Award recipients (4-5 grades) for April
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Fourth and Fifth grade Lifeskill award recipients for April 2014 are: Violet Grossmann, Itzaul Sanchez Ayala , Kareli Cortes Ibarra, Travis Origer, Pearl Montano, Natalie Nava Vazquez, Jessenia Morales, Sarah Morrow, Ashton Parnell, Joshua Casheros, Nicholas Remy, Shiann Rider, Erica Pring, Andrew Pengel, Tyler Ferguson, Terrill Brown, Kane Gaitan, Samantha Avila, Morgan Clites, Carter Hayman, Victoria Krupansky, Jaylynn Shortridge, Colin Cattani, Mitra MacFerren, Katie Caffi, Geovanni Membrila, Haley Molloy, Makayla Trent, Emily Olson, Kevin Darnell, Jr., Oscar Magana, Spencer Johnson, James Perkins, Andy Adams. The 4th and 5th grade students of the month are: Elise Exelby and Arly Juarez.
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