Daily Acts, Cotati set to team up again
Daily Acts brainstorms possibilities for Kotate Park, which is beset by dry, mostly useless dirt patches and dotted with dying trees
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By Natalie Gray  May 2, 2014 12:00 am

With all these bright days and warm, sunny weather, it’s hard to think of an excuse to stay indoors and Daily Acts has decided to make it nearly impossible. 

This Sunday, May 4, from 1-5 p.m., Daily Acts is inviting the citizens of Cotati to come out to Kotate Park for a Community Vision and Sheet Mulching Party event that will give citizens the chance to share ideas and have the unique chance to be a part of the park’s possible future.

“(We’re encouraging) residences to come out and have their voices heard and be a part of this collaboration,” said Shea Armstrong, city programs coordinator for Daily Acts. “We’re excited to work with the residents of Cotati.”

Working with Cotati again

This Sunday will not be the first time Daily Acts has worked alongside the city of Cotati to help better the local community, one park at a time. Daily Acts helped create the Food Forest at Cotati’s Pocket Park in 2009. The location was meant to act as a model for future sustainable living and greener-gardening choices by exhibiting a water-saving alternative to turf grass. The food forest provides food and medicine, eliminated herbicide and pesticide runoff into the upper Laguna De Santa Rosa and still uses less water than turf would have covering the same space.

Now Daily Acts is returning to Cotati as part of their Community Resilience Challenge, meant to influence the communities of Sonoma County and beyond to save water, grow food and conserve energy, all while simultaneously building a local community. Daily Acts hopes to influence and encourage the city of Cotati to consider sustainable changes for their park. 

Landscape debate

At the center of Kotate Park is a wide patch of turf and, though arguably water-hungry, the grass seems preferred by children to play on. It is the park’s perimeter, said Armstrong, to which the city and Daily Acts has turned their attention. According to Armstrong, the park is lined with dry, mostly useless dirt patches and dotted with tress that are either dead or dying. 

It is in improving this aspect of the park that Daily Acts is asking the community to lend a hand and its collective creativity and eco-savvy.

“We’re asking the community to come out Sunday and share what they want the perimeter to be,” said Armstrong. “It’s not a design charrette, it’s a brainstorming session, bringing our best ideas forward. Then, we’ll take those ideas to the city (for consideration on changes).”

There is no shortage of possibilities that could be presented and acted out at the park, whether it be a food forest or even a small orchard. Daily Acts is asking Cotati residents to register online (to save paper, of course) under their Community Resilience Challenge tab.


Bring your ideas

If you don’t have any ideas, but still want to help in the efforts to make Kotate Park green, you have no need to worry. Along with the community vision session, Daily Acts will also host a communal sheet mulching. Sheet mulching is a soil-refining process that involves layering compost, cardboard and woodchips over existing turf. According to Armstrong, the mulching of the park will help insure the soil is ready and healthy for use no matter what use is decided on.

If you have big ideas, plans and hopes for a more sustainable Cotati, want to learn how you can become more sustainable or are just looking for a way to come closer to your community, register online at dailyacts.org and make sure to come out to Kotate Park on Sunday to be part of Daily Acts’ Work Party and Community Resilience Challenge. 

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