Status quo for Cotati committee
Council keeps Morgan, West and Glendening on design review committee
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By Dave Williams  May 2, 2014 12:00 am

The Cotati City Council opted to maintain the status quo on the city’s Design Review Committee.

Four people – including current committee members Sally Glendening, Tim Morgan and Jay West and Ashley Veach – applied for appointment to the three positions. But the council, following the recommendation of the Cotati Planning Commission, chose to reappoint Glendening, Morgan and Veach.

All three terms expired at the end of December 2013. Glendening and West, according to a Cotati city staff report, were recommended because they hold what is called discipline specific positions at the architectural and landscape professional posts. Morgan holds down one of the at-large positions on the committee.

The other three committee positions held by Eris Weaver, Edie Robbins and Lars Landberg expire later this year in December.

The purpose of the Design Review Committee is to:

• Ensure the design of proposed development and new land uses assists in maintaining and enhancing Cotati’s small-town character. 

• Ensure that new uses and structures enhance their sites and are compatible with the highest standards of improvement in the surrounding neighborhood. 

• Retain and strengthen the visual quality and attractive character of the community. 

• Ensure that new structures and site planning promote energy conservation. 

• Ensure that proposed landscaping emphasizes native species. 

• Recognize the interdependence of land uses and circulation, and provide for an efficient and interconnected system of streets and pedestrian ways throughout the community.


• Assist project developers in understanding the city’s concerns for the aesthetics of development.

• Ensure that development complies with all applicable city standards and guidelines, and does not adversely affect community health, safety, aesthetics, or natural resources. 

The Design Review Committee meets first and third Thursdays of each month, but the meeting scheduled for Thursday, May 1, canceled. The next meeting is scheduled for May 15.

Nominations for appointment to the design review committee, according to city code, are made by the mayor, subject to the approval of the council by a majority vote of the entire council. The planning commission may recommend to the council names of persons who the commission believes are qualified candidates for the design review committee. 

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