County to push cultural arts and creative economy
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The Sonoma County Economic Development Board (EDB) has selected the Cultural Planning Group (CPG), to work with the EDB in developing the county’s first comprehensive action plan to advance the cultural arts and creative economy in Sonoma County. CPG, known for guiding successful cultural organization projects throughout the United States, brings expertise in developing cultural arts plans, arts agency organizational structures and funding strategies to support those efforts.

The county provides annual funding for local arts organizations, and the Board of Supervisors requested the creation of the action plan to help support the local arts and economy to help guide that funding. 

“Local artists contribute significantly to the vibrancy of Sonoma County,” Chairman of the Board David Rabbitt said. 

“The Board looks forward seeing the results of this collaboration, and to implementing a plan that will provide further support to our local creative economy.”

The action plan will provide a structure for growing the creative and cultural arts by establishing sustainable funding and fostering cultural tourism in Sonoma County. 

“The cultural arts are a diverse and significant part of the local economy,” EDB Chairwoman Pam Chanter said. “The creative economy employs about 5 percent of the workforce in Sonoma County, and we recognize that a thriving cultural life generates income, jobs and tax revenue, as well as creating community visibility. As Sonoma County enjoys economic recovery, proximity to the greater Bay Area and a surge in tourism-related activity, it is well-positioned to leverage growth opportunities.” The final report is expected to be presented to the Board of Supervisors by June of this year.

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Jennifer Keller
May 16, 2014
Please let me know how I can best stay up to date with the progress of this action plan.
Chase Jackson
March 24, 2014
It is exciting to hear Sonoma County is putting in the effort to advance the creative economy as it is the Future. I am a creative economy expert who lives in the Bay Area, I am potentially open to the opportunity to be a consultant for this project and my services can be had at a discounted rate. The Future is Bright! Best, Chase
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