Some pets need a home for the holidays
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By Mickey Zeldes  December 13, 2013 12:00 am

A home for the holiday…that’s what all the animals at the shelter are dreaming of this season and every day year-round. To help their dreams come true, we are running a holiday special this month. All animals over 4 months of age will be available for an adoption fee of just $25 through the end of the year. Come make one of these animal’s dream come true and help empty the shelter for the New Year.

We have several animals that have been here for way too long. We’re up against a time crunch to get these guys into a home before the end of the year. Here are some of their stories. Be sure to pass them along (this article will be posted on our Facebook page as well) to anyone and everyone you know and ask them to circulate it. We work on the belief that someone out there knows someone out there that has a friend or relative looking for exactly that type of critter. It’s just a matter of getting the information about an available animal into the right hands for the magic to happen. You can help with that even if you can’t personally adopt. Read on to learn about some of our long-timers.


• Pip: Everyone who meets Pip is charmed by his winning personality. This is a big lover in a handsome pit bull body. He plays well with his dog friends here at the shelter, loves to play fetch and splash in the kiddie pool and is always up for a walk. You would really not be able to guess that Pip was completely deaf. The biggest hint is the way he’s able to sleep when the rest of the dogs are going crazy in the kennels. But, as you may know, because of their reputation, pit bulls are difficult to place and one with a “handicap” is even harder. Although Pip plays nicely with other dogs her size, it is not recommended that she live with another animal; she would be appropriate though in a home with older children. Pip came to us as a stray back in March and has been waiting for the right home to come along ever since.


• Jane: This Jane, a domestic shorthair (DSH) tortoise shell, is anything but plain. The 4-year-old cat was surrendered in June by a woman when her mother, the cat’s constant companion, passed away. Jane was raised strictly indoors and is used to a quiet household. She’d be happy with any quiet home that would give her the time to relax and regain her confidence. At least one lap must be included.

• Hiccup and Arthur: These are brother rabbits looking for a home where they can stay together. They originally came to the shelter as part of an unwanted litter back in April when they were just 3 months old. They were adopted but proved to be too much for the family, who were not prepared for just how feisty baby bunnies can be. Now, they are feisty teenagers and need a bunny savvy home to help them develop good social skills. Know anyone looking for a pair of rabbits?


• Daisy: She was another one of our adoption returns. She came to the shelter in September 2011 as a stray 4-month-old pup and was quickly adopted. But this July, Daisy’s owner’s situation changed, and she could no longer keep the young pit bull. Although she has had some training and is a very nice girl, she is no longer a cute puppy. Did I mention that pit bulls are difficult to place? Lots of misperceptions and fears are out there about the breed; they’ve definitely been given a bad rap. In addition, poor Daisy has two torn cruciate ligaments and needs surgery on both legs to repair them. We are willing to pay for the surgery but she needs a home to recuperate in. Is anyone willing to foster her and help network for a permanent home?


• Buddy: He is looking for someone to be his best bud. This handsome DSH white and orange guy is a super friendly lap cat. He spent a couple years outside as a community cat and would sometimes get into scraps with the other males. The people caring for him got tired of paying the vet bills and surrendered him in July during the height of kitten season. One of the fights resulted in his becoming FIV-positive. But that is not as scary as it was once thought to be. We now know that kept safely inside to limit exposure to possible pathogens, FIV cats can live full lives. He’d be fine in a home with a dog and children. Buddy is currently feeling fine and looking for a lap to keep warm this winter. 


These animals have spent the better part of 2013 in our shelter and are more than ready to move on to homes of their own. Shelter life is stressful and takes a toll on even the best natured animal. Don’t let these guys deteriorate here – let’s work together to get them a home for the holiday. Remember, for the rest of the month the adoption fee is just $25, so spread the word.

Mickey Zeldes is the supervisor at the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter. She can be contacted at

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