Slim RP vote earns win for Measure A
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By Jud Snyder  November 28, 2013 12:00 am

Predictions of a “light turnout” when Measure A was approved by Rohnert Park voters turned out to be an understatement. Only Measure A was on the Nov. 5 ballot and in eight of the city’s 30 precincts, nobody showed up at the polling places. Absentee ballots dominated the slim totals.

With a total of 21,847 registered voters in RP, the vote approving Measure A was 4,167 (67.3%) and the no vote total was 2,033 (32.7%). These totals were just from 16 precincts. The Sonoma County Elections Office has yet to finalize total figures. No major changes in the figures are anticipated.

They do know how many ballots were cast for 30 precincts. At precinct voting booths, 1,248 citizens voted and the absentee vote total was 6,364. Absentee ballots were 29.4% and precinct in-person total was only 5.8%. Total number of ballots cast was 7,612, or 35.2% of the number of registered voters in the city. 

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