Empire students surprise aging council with gift
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Marrianne McBride, President and CEO of the Council On Aging, and her staff were recently surprised by a gift of a marketing video, created by the fall semester marketing class at Empire College

In keeping with the mission of Empire College to foster community involvement, Certified Tourism Ambassador and Hospitality and Wine Department Head, Sheri Graeber came across a great lead.  

One of her past students was a Dining Site Director at the Council On Aging. Graeber learned about Stage, a line of gourmet meals marketed locally by the Council on Aging that benefits their Meals On Wheels program. Featuring only fresh ingredients, these tasty entrees are sold at many community markets in Sonoma and Marin counties, creating a circle of support for the seniors served.

“Text books deliver the basics, but are often experientially dry and do not provide a real life glimpse in what marketing in the real world is,” Graeber said.

Here was an opportunity to take on a marketing project, from inception to presentation to the client. 

So, with the approval of Sherie Hurd, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Operations at Empire College, her class took on the project, developed a story line, created a script, filmed, edited and created a clever video promoting the product.

The video features a story line about a busy professional woman who serves the Stage meals as her own creation at her book club meeting.  Enjoyed by all, it is never discovered that the meals are packaged, thus gaining her kudos for her culinary prowess. 

These ready to eat meals are convenient for people with busy lives who appreciate a freshly prepared option to grab for lunch or dinner.

McBride said following this successful endeavor, Graeber’s current class will again take on this project, this time focusing on healthy lifestyle and nutritional choices featuring the backdrop of The fourth annual Sonoma Wine Country Senior Games, the healthy active aging program offered by the Council on Aging in 2014.

Empire College community partner, G and G Market, features the entrees in their deli department.  TeeJay Lowe, CEO of G and G, is happy for this collaboration as well.  “We are delighted to be part of this community partnership with Council on Aging and Empire College.  This is a win-win for our community and our seniors.”

“Anytime we can collaborate with our community partners, we mutually expand our outreach and shared knowledge.” says Ms. McBride.  “We are grateful for the creativity that has been offered us and pleased that we enrich the experience of others in our community.”  

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