KRCB launches television network produced in Japan
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Rohnert Park public television station KRCB-TV on Monday announced the launch of a stand-alone English-language television network produced by NHK, Japan’s sole public, independent broadcaster.

It will be done via digital broadcast through a dedicated over-the-air channel (Channel 22.3) and on Comcast Xfinity (Channel 202).

“KRCB is committed to providing high-quality international news and cultural programming to the San Francisco Bay Area,” said Nancy Dobbs, President and CEO, KRCB Public Television. “By partnering with NHK WORLD TV, we can now offer another significant world view to our extremely diverse viewing audience.”

Based in Tokyo, NHK WORLD TV offers a variety of informative and entertaining news, business, food, travel, technology and cultural programming around the clock, featuring some of the region’s top talent. 

Programs include:

 • “NEWSLINE:” Journalists from around the world report news and breaking news, including the latest in politics, business, technology and culture in Asia. 

Regular features come from a total of 30 news bureaus, including Beijing, London and Paris. In the United States, New York, Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles offer different perspectives on what's happening. 

Well-known anchors include Shery Ahn, Yuko Aotani, Catherine Kobayashi and Gene Otani.

• “Asia This Week:” Minori Takao provides developments in Japan and Asia each week, covering the cultures, economies and politics of more than four billion people.

• “Asia Biz Forecast:” Asia’s top economists and commercial strategists forecast Asia's rapidly changing business, financial and market trends. This show will be hosted by Yuko Fukushima.

• “Science View:” Renowned Japanese scientists investigate and discuss the worlds of technology and natural science. Rena Yamada serves as moderator.

• “Asian Voices:” NHK's senior commentator, Aiko Doden, hosts Asia's leading academics, economists and politicians, who provide perspectives on global and regional issues.

• “Dining with the Chef:” Culinary artists, including Tatuo Saito, introduce Japanese cuisine and the overall harmony of various ingredients.

NHK WORLD TV is currently available in 260 million households across 140 countries and regions.

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