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Du 20 excellent for calming anxiety and nasal discharge
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By Gigi Shames  November 15, 2013 12:00 am

Welcome to a special edition of Point of the Week for your toddler, where we show you how to gently massage various trigger points along the body's energy pathways.  Remember that for doing acupressure on a small child, gentleness is a must.  This point, known to acupuncturists as Du 20, is located at the very top of the head (also known as the vertex). It is excellent for reducing pain (especially headache), calming anxiety, and nasal discharge.  Interestingly, Du 20 can also be used to raise the body's energy upwards in cases of organ prolapse or poor digestion.  (This point is contraindicated if the child's fontanelle has not yet closed, so generally I do not massage this point if the toddler is under two years old.) Pressing this point increases circulation within the energy pathways and can also be used preventively upon awakening each morning to avoid developing the symptoms. 

Note: Remember these vignettes are not medical advice.

Step 1: Locate the point Du 20 on your child's head.

Step 2: Using a gentle touch with your thumb or index finger, press and hold the pressure for 10 seconds. Repeat several times per hour, or until symptoms lessen.

Dr. Gigi Shames, LAc NHD, is a licensed acupuncturist in Cotati. She can be reached at (415) 388-0456 or www.ShamesHealth.com.

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