Straightening teeth and studentsí futures
RP orthodontist donates part of patientsí treatment fee to Parent-Teacher organization of patientís choice
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By Natalie Gray  November 15, 2013 12:00 am

It’s an unfortunate, but usually irrefutable fact that kids are not pleased to see their orthodontist on a regular basis. After all, it is not often that you enjoy lying on your back with your mouth hinged open so someone can plaster pinching pieces of metal that mercilessly capture every piece of popcorn and candy you eat for the next year across your teeth.

But what these kids (and yes, adults too) may or may not realize is that these orthodontists really do dedicate their lives to helping their patients. And no other orthodontist seems as thoughtful of his patients as Dr. Craig Davis of Craig Davis Orthodontics on Snyder Lane.


Two years with PIE

“It’s a feel-good thing,” Davis said. “They need it. The donations go to walk-a-thons and the band. It’s something we could do in addition (for the kids). They can spend the money on anything they need.”

Davis and his medical office have launched Partners in Education (PIE) and have been active with the program for about two years now, Davis said. The program is an international nonprofit community project meant to connect businesses with local schools. The effort connects community members with their local businesses and allows for the two to come together in a unique way to give to local schools. 

According to Davis, he first heard of PIE, and as far as he knows, he is the only business in the area taking part in the community project.


$100 per patient

For his part, Davis is offering a $100 donation from every patient’s full orthodontic treatment to a school of the patient’s choice. The patient can be anyone – a student, child, parent or a friend or neighbor of a student – and can suggest a donation to any school in Sonoma County. That means donations to every and any school in the Cotati-Rohnert Park School District and city, from preschools to Rancho Cotate High. The donations, collected at the end of two-month intervals, is handed directly to the Parent-Teacher Organization to spend as they choose in their schools’ best interest.

“This is another way for us to give money to the schools,” said Davis. “There never enough, it seems.”

Davis began collecting donations in September and, according to Maryann Say, a member of Davis’s team, their office has already received positive feedback from some of the recipient schools, like Lawrence Jones Middle School and Rancho Cotate High.

“I think it’s kind of awesome that he can do one more thing (for the community),” said Say, who has been working with Davis for 11 years now. She added that the office is often receiving thank you notes and cards from students.


Smiling faces in pictures

Davis’s concern and compassion for his patients is apparent when walking into his office, where the front is covered in a blanket of glossy photographs featuring the smiling faces of his patients, some with braces stretched over their teeth, others showing off “after treatment” of now straight teeth. 

On the main desk is a stack of PIE flyers to notify patients of the donation options they could participate in to help their schools.

Around the corner, in the lobby, are framed pictures of the boys’ baseball and girls’ softball teams Davis is sponsoring this year. According to Davis, every year he sponsors a different team and a different sport. This year, it is the Blue Jays and the Ducks.

“It’s fun to be part of the community,” said Davis. “It’s my community. I’ve been here 50-plus years, it’s a good thing (to help out) and it feels good.”

According to Davis, he has always been active in the community and his community has always been Rohnert Park, where he was raised after moving here at a young age from Chicago. 


Serving his community

He attended Rancho Cotate High, opened his business here and raised his now adult sons in the area. His youngest son is currently attending SSU. When his children were attending schools, Davis said he participated in coaching Little League Baseball.

“You name it, we’ve done it,” said Davis, both of his own personal volunteering and the donations and time his office and staff give to the community.

Davis’s office will continue collecting $100 of a patient’s medical payment and donating those funds to a school of the patient’s choice until May 31.

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Nicole Lahee
November 15, 2013
It is so wonderful to see the continued support Dr. Davis and his Staff show each and every year to our community. He truly has the best interest of the families in this community at heart. Thank You Dr. Davis for being a great Orthodontist and Sponsor to so many groups that work every day to create the best environment for the Cotati/Rohnert Park Students and Families.

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