SSUís Tour de Campus run raises $3,500
More than 200 show up to help Summer Search
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More than 200 supporters from Sonoma State University and the local community participated in the fifth annual  Tour de Campus.  The 5k run was hosted by the School of Business and Economics and the Accounting Forum.  While the funds are still being tallied, an estimated $3,500 will go to the charity Summer Search. 

“This is an opportunity to combine a social activity with philanthropy,” said SSU Professor Joe Standridge, the advisor for the Accounting Forum.  “It combines the community, students and alumni all while raising money for a good cause.”

Many runners dressed in business attire to take on the Dean’s Challenge.  Because Dean William Silver could not attend, Professor Douglas Jordan stood in. 

“I will do my best to uphold the Dean’s tradition of competing hard in the race,” Jordan said before the race started, wearing a sash that deemed him “Dean for the Day.”

For every runner in business attire who beat Jordan to the finish line, the Dean will donate an extra $20 to Summer Search.  Robbie Large was the first to beat Jordan to the finish line with a time of 20:40, while also wearing a suit.  

“I was surprised to come in first while wearing a suit,” Large said at the finish line.  Large came in first last year, but this was his first year competing in business attire.       

Summer Search is an organization dedicated to finding resilient low-income high school students and inspiring them to become responsible and altruistic leaders.  Ryan Cooney, the Outreach Director of Summer Search North Bay, said, “We surround our students with a number of experiences and invest in them to break the cycle of poverty.” 

After the race, prizes were given to the top finishers, best costumes and raffle winners.  Participants and observers enjoyed ideal weather, live music from the band “Karmin Line” and a barbeque lunch.  

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