Three share RC athlete of week honors
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By Don Gibble  September 27, 2013 12:00 am

Athletic director Henri Sarlatte selected three athletes – football’s Tanoa Peleti, volleyball’s Maddie Hotaling and cross-country’s Jacob Finton – as Rancho Cotate High School athletes of the week. 

Peleti, a starting linebacker for the football team, plans on attending University of Wyoming next year. His favorite subject is physics and his favorite word is go. His least favorite word is can’t. The sound or noise he loves is the crowd on Friday night and the sound or noise he hates is the opposing team’s fans cheering. 

Peleti would like to own his own business someday and definitely has no plans to be a lawyer. His favorite movie is “Remember the Titans” and his favorite television show is anything on ESPN. His favorite singer is Bob Marley.

Hotaling, who plays on the varsity volleyball team, plans on going to Duke University in North Carolina. Her favorite subject is anatomy. 

Her favorite word is happy and least favorite word is disappointed. The sound or noise she loves is the ocean and least favorite sound is a loud motorcycle. She would like to work in sports medicine. Her favorite movie is “Monsters Inc.” and her favorite television show is “Pretty Little Liars,” and favorite singer is Bruno Mars.

Finton’s favorite class is auto CAD (computer aided design). The cross-country star’s  favorite word is lacrosse and least favorite word is can’t. The sound or noise he loves is the engine of an old muscle car and least favorite sound is nails on a chalkboard. He wants to work in water treatment and does not want to work as a garbage man. His favorite movie is “Miracle” and favorite TV show is “The Walking Dead.” His favorite singer/group is Journey.

     For being named athlete of the week, the athletes get one week at 24 Hour Fitness and two free rentals at Blockbuster and a session at Driven and a meal at Chipotle all in Rohnert Park.


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