New rules in place for school bus pickup
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With the start of the new school year, local school bus operators are implementing new procedures when picking up and dropping off students. Parents are advised to ensure that their children arrive at their school bus stop on time as buses will no longer be able to wait for late arrivals.

School buses and vans must now adhere to precise requirements for “red light stops” when loading and unloading students. The California Vehicle Code specifies that red flashing lights and a stop signal arm must be activated whenever a school bus is stopped at a designated pick-up/drop-off location and that all traffic must stop while the red lights are flashing.

In the past, buses would sit for several minutes with their amber lights flashing to wait for late-arriving students, then engage their flashing red lights when the students arrived. This practice is now prohibited. Buses cannot stop for more time than it takes to load or unload students and the red lights and stop signal must be activated for the entire time.

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