Lilajayís cooks up Emmy honor with lots of love
Cotati bakery to distribute goods at TVís big event
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By Natalie Gray  August 2, 2013 12:00 am

“I only want love to go into the food,” said Lila Latture, owner and baker of Lilajay’s, a bakery in Cotati that specializes in good-for-you gluten-free, GMO-free and fair-trade baked goods.

A little love, it would seem, really does go a long way, as Lilajay’s has been personally invited to and will be attending the 65th Emmy Awards this September. Lilajay’s will be among the other invited guests to distribute baked goods to present celebrities, award-nominees, model lovers, friends and family all alike.

It was a few weeks ago that Latture received the call inviting her and her healthy baked goods to the prestigious television awards ceremony. She did not go through an application process nor was she actively contending in an ongoing competition as what might be expected. In fact, she was not even aware she was being considered for the opportunity. The producers of the Emmys heard of Lilajay’s by word of mouth, said Latture, from a friend who had tried some of her baked goods and had recommended them.

What might have given Latture’s bakery an edge over any others also considered by producers is the fact that all her baked goods are specially made to accommodate even the strictest of diets and are actually a sweet you can eat and not feel guilty about.

According to Latture, she has been baking since she was 8-years-old, a hobby that was greatly encouraged by her father, whom Latture assures had just as big a sweet tooth as she does. It wasn’t until her little brother was diagnosed with Celiac, a disease with symptoms that include gluten sensitivity and a condition that Latture shares with her brother. It was while watching her brother attempt to satisfy his sweet tooth with gluten-free, but starch-filled, unappetizing products that she was inspired to bake her own creations.

“I couldn’t see him keep eating that stuff; I had no other choice,” said Latture. “People don’t understand that you can have something healthy and have it taste good.”

After the tasty success of a few baking experiments – attempts that involved healthy types of flour, fair-trade chocolate and time to form – Latture’s husband Jay (as in the Lilajay’s) encouraged her to pursue opening a bakery of her own to share her gluten-free creations with the world. His reasoning, Latture said, was the same reason she had baked the goodies in the first place; there was nothing like them out there – nothing gluten- and GMO-free that actually tasted deliciously sinful.

And now, nearly two-years after the start of Lilajay’s, Latture has been asked to join the Emmy Awards to be included in the guests’ (televisions and movie stars and expectedly many other celebrities) goodie bags.

Instead of being overtly giddy and giggly over the upcoming event, though, Latture has focused on her opportunity to help a local charity; recently, Lilajay’s has partnered with Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue and hopes to be able to use her time at the award ceremony to bring awareness to the rescue and maybe autograph donations to help with funding.

“It’s very important to us to give back (to the world) somehow,” said Latture.

The 65th annual Emmy Award ceremony is to take place on Sept. 22 and will be hosted by actor Neil Patrick Harris, a fact Latture is very excited about. According to Latture, she plans to prepare for the ceremony at least a week in advance and plans to drive down to Los Angeles, where the ceremony will be, a day in advance to prep. You can find Lilajay’s and order baked goods online at 

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