Credo hasnít been closed yet; fight continues to keep it open
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By Kelly Hennessy  July 26, 2013 12:00 am

As many of you have heard the Cotati-Rohnert Park School District is trying to close Credo High School before it’s had a chance to grow strong roots here in our community. It is a young school and needs nurturing. 

There are many misleading statements being made by the news and the district board.  As such, a lot of people believe the school has already closed. That is simply not true. My son, Aidan, will start school at Credo next month as a freshman.

That said, it looks like there is a long road ahead to build up the community’s understanding of this college prep school and to stop the district's attack.  I spoke with Chip Romer, the Director of Credo, and was pleased to hear they have a well-planned, multi-faceted approach to remedy the situation we face. 

Credo is dedicated to raising individuals who can handle conflict with dignity, respect, creativity and wisdom, and I am pleased to see that that is also how they are facing this challenge.

There are some steps that need to be taken by the community. But first, a few facts:

• Credo will draw in business. Families will be commuting here daily for school. Families will be coming from Sebastopol, Petaluma, Marin and Napa Counties (and even a new resident moving here from Hawaii because of the uniqueness of this school).

• Credo promotes supporting local businesses and has a website to promote the businesses that support our school in any shape or form.

•Credo will raise the standard of education in our school district. An attractive school district will draw families to move to Cotati and Rohnert Park, which is good for our home values.

• Credo will be raising the kind of people you want walking the streets in your neighborhood, frequenting your business and playing sports with your children. I’m not sure how to say this with more heart or impact for those of you who don’t already know the Waldorf community. This education system fosters kind, intelligent and creative people.

• Credo has only been through two school years and has one of the highest STAR test scores in the county.

• Credo is structured so that every student who graduates meets UC standards. One hundred percent is a staggering statistic especially, when compared to the average high school in this county.

Here is how you can help.

• Send a letter to the CRPUSD board members and carbon copy Credo’s director, letting them know you support Credo.

• If you live in RP or Cotati and have children who do or will attend Credo, be sure to let them know closing Credo will not result in your transferring your child to another of our high schools. There is a presumption that they think they could get our children into one of their other high schools, which would mean more money for the district.

• Let them know you are watching how they treat schools with quality education and you vote.

• Speak to your board members. We can give you more details about what has transpired for your conversation.

• If you live in a different school district, let them know if you plan to bring your children to Credo.

• Sign the Online Petition, preferably by July 25th, and then post it on your Facebook page at

• Donate or participate in fundraisers. For online donations, go to

• Fundraiser: the school is doing an opportunity drawing. One way to get tickets is to contact Maria Martinez (707) 372-2005 or

• Spread the positive word. Debunk the myths (the list could be a whole email unto itself). We are determined that Credo will survive and thrive.

 Our community has an opportunity for excellence. Do your part to help it grow.

Kelly Hennessy is a parent whose child will attend Credo High School.

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