Chemicals may have caused RP home fire
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By Dave Williams  July 26, 2013 12:00 am

Authorities from the Rohnert Park Dept. of Public Safety said a combination of fiberglass resin containers and paint cans tossed into a garbage can caused the fire on Sunday, which did significant damage to a home in RP.

Flames were initially reported in the adjoining side yards of 843 and 859 Bernice Ave. Within 2 minutes, firefighters arrived on the scene and saw the fire had spread to the home at 843 Bernice Ave. The residents evacuated the home.

Also, flames threatened the house next door (859 Bernice), where officers broke into the house and freed two dogs. The fire was contained within 11 minutes.

Firefighters suspect the chemicals stored in the garage, spontaneously combusted and caused the fire. Damage was estimated at around $40,000.

Firefighters from the Rancho Adobe Fire District assisted RPDPS. Also, an engine from Santa Rosa’s Rincon Valley fire agency arrived on the scene.

RPDPS authorities have reminded residents in RP to use extreme caution and follow the manufacturers’ instructions when disposing of any chemicals, stains, paints and resins because they can spontaneously combust quickly with little warning.

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